Is sport so popular because TV broadcasting?

In my studying we talked about the importance of TV broadcasting and their effect.
While discussing someone brought up sports popularity and it is basically because of the media.

It made me thinking how does sports would look like now days without TV and PPV.
After some digging up, i realized sport was popular even before the TV. News papers used to cover the games and the games were broadcast trough radio, while people used to sit around the radio 🙂

But after all that said, we must agree that the vast popularity is mainly because of the TV.

Our next assignment is to produce a clip, and we decided on making an historic broadcast of a sport event.

So, i’m looking for good tips on how to make the clip.

I found this article and will sure appreciate any help i can get.

Why marketing videos Helped in my football career

Why marketing videos Helped in my football career

I am not a professional player, You do not know me nation wide but in my home town everyone knows me and the team, I became mini famous a lot because of videos my manager insisted i’ll make, I am not a marketing person but my manager and friends told me if I make these videos and show my skill to people I will gather followers, fans and even clients which want tips for the sport.

Today I came across this article on video testimonials and it hit me that even though I made videos and they spread in my community I should make testimonials so other potential clients can see them, and I might offer a Gig also.

Read the full article I came across on video marketing here