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Saints Verses Panthers

Saints Verses Panthers



The Panthers have one main concern in tonight’s game against the New Orleans Saints, controlling Drew Brees. Last season, the Panthers learned the hard way that Brees, when left unattended, can lead to their defeat. He once threw four touchdowns in a 31-13 victory over the Panthers, and a couple of weeks later, the Panthers sacked him six times leading to a win 17-13 in Charlotte. The Panther’s main focus will be to not allow Brees to get into a rhythm, because once there, he is unstoppable. Right now, the Panthers are ranked 29th and the Saints 30th in the NFL in defense efficiency, but the Saint have a stronger offense than the Panthers. The saints are also ranked second in yards per game with 445.3 yds. and yards per rush at 5.1. It’s looking like the Panthers may be facing a loss, but anything is possible.

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Indianapolis Colts Mid-Season Review

Indianapolis Colts Mid-Season Review


The AFC South is very much a case of the haves and the have-nots amongst its four teams. In fact the Texans, Titans and Jaguars all find themselves holding three of the bottom five spots in the AFC overall. Just the winless Oakland Raiders and the quarterback-less New York Jets sit intertwined with the weaker South division teams. The only saving grace for the group is the fact that the Indianapolis Colts are currently fourth with a 5-3 record, providing some semblance of footballing ability to offset the sheer lack of it from the other end of the league. So where is it going right, and a little wrong, for the AFC South leaders?

andrew-luck-t.y.-hilton-nfl-indianapolis-colts-houston-texans1-850x560It’s always good to start with a positive, so the Colts offense is first into the spotlight. They lead the league in yards-per-game with 452.2 and also in passing yards with 336.5 and they are second…

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