3rd & Long: The Weight of Expectation for NFL Quarterbacks

3rd & Long: The Weight of Expectation for NFL Quarterbacks

Sports Minded

By Julian Reed

Its 3rd-and-12 in the 4th quarter with your team trailing by 5 late. Opposition knows you have to throw the football. Failure guarantees you’ll be the headline the next day on sports news. Though football is the culmination of the work of a ton of individuals (some visible, some not), you are the face, the focal point. That is the modern definition and benchmark for what a Quarterback is. More importantly, what quantifies quarterback at the elite level? Andrew Luck has been that since he was a freshman at Stanford. So talented, such a varied skill set. One could make a legitimate case that such a blessing is equally a curse. Enter expectation.

Human nature, when someone shows signs of promise or proficiency, natural progression of things is to expect more of them, task them with greater responsibility. For professional athletes in the present day, that largely entails…

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Jacksonville and London NFL futures continue to be linked

Jacksonville and London NFL futures continue to be linked


London may see plenty of young Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles over the next few years (Picture: Getty Images)

The NFL is done in London for another season. The last of the trio of games ended with the Dallas Cowboys, as expected, defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-17 in a game that saw the Cowboys pull away early and never come close to relinquishing the lead.

Big-names from the ‘other’ football were present, notably Jose Mourinho, David Beckham and Sergio Aguero, on a chilly night as the NFL signed-off, but very much with the intention to return. The week leading up to the game saw three more games confirmed for the 2015 season, including the first ever divisional game, back to back weeks and three returning teams from 2014.

One of the returning teams of course will be the Jaguars, the de facto home team for London given their commitment…

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