The Bernstein Brief: Reveling In Packers’ Collapse Is Bad Look

The Bernstein Brief: Reveling In Packers’ Collapse Is Bad Look

CBS Chicago

By Dan Bernstein- senior columnist

(CBS) Just because the Packers choked away a Super Bowl appearance, it doesn’t mean the Bears are good.

To hear it from the airwaves and see it on social media, however, the lowest levels of Bears fandom are taking pride in Green Bay’s bad day to the point of wanting to revel publicly in schadenfreude.

It’s a bad look. And it’s stupid.

The Packers are the model for the Bears more than any rival, as new general manager Ryan Pace said when he was introduced. As long as Aaron Rodgers is there, the Bears are chasing whatever they’re doing. Fans of a terrible team confronting a massive rebuild are in no place to grave-dance after an NFC championship game of which they can only dream.

The joy of John Fox’s hiring notwithstanding, even a miserable Packers fan is in a much better place today.

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New England Patriots under investigation for allegedly deflating balls in AFC title game

New England Patriots under investigation for allegedly deflating balls in AFC title game

Global News

TORONTO – The New England Patriots are being investigated for allegedly deflating game balls during the AFC Championship game Sunday.

Indianapolis news station WTHR‘s Bob Kravitz first reported Sunday night the league is investigating after a game ball was taken off the field and out of circulation during the Patriots 45-7 romp over the Indianapolis Colts.

The ball was then reportedly weighed by officials.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora confirmed Monday morning the league is looking into the allegations.

According to NFL rules, game balls must be inflated to the weight of 12.5 – 13.5 pounds. Each team must provide 12 balls for a game, which are tested and weighed about two hours before game time.

Under-inflated balls are presumably easier to throw and catch.

Speaking with a Boston-area sports radio show Monday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called the allegations “ridiculous.”

“I think I’ve heard it all at this…

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Denver’s Loss makes for an Interesting Week 17

Denver’s Loss makes for an Interesting Week 17

What a week!

Sports with Neil and Friends

Thanks to four Peyton Manning interceptions a Broncos loss makes Sunday’s game against Oakland a must-win.

With the Bengals upset win over the Broncos I am 157-82-1 on the year.  You probably guessed this but I predicted the Broncos to win like the rest of America, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Anyways onto the Week 17 action.

1.  Seahawks at Rams:  The Seahawks have to win this one and the Packers/Lions game can’t end in a tie in order for Seattle to clinch home-field for the second straight year.  Seems very doable, Seattle has only lost at home to a Dallas squad which surprisingly has won every game on the road.  Also when was the last time Detroit won in Green Bay…

2.  Panthers at Falcons:  It would’ve been surprisingly ironic if the Saints had of won the division and Seattle as a wild card traveled to them in…

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3rd & Long: The Weight of Expectation for NFL Quarterbacks

3rd & Long: The Weight of Expectation for NFL Quarterbacks

Sports Minded

By Julian Reed

Its 3rd-and-12 in the 4th quarter with your team trailing by 5 late. Opposition knows you have to throw the football. Failure guarantees you’ll be the headline the next day on sports news. Though football is the culmination of the work of a ton of individuals (some visible, some not), you are the face, the focal point. That is the modern definition and benchmark for what a Quarterback is. More importantly, what quantifies quarterback at the elite level? Andrew Luck has been that since he was a freshman at Stanford. So talented, such a varied skill set. One could make a legitimate case that such a blessing is equally a curse. Enter expectation.

Human nature, when someone shows signs of promise or proficiency, natural progression of things is to expect more of them, task them with greater responsibility. For professional athletes in the present day, that largely entails…

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